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Burn is an awesome new song by I Am Future, which is my church’s youth band. It’s been released on iTunes this week.
So far it’s reached no.2 “Top Music Video” and no.1 in the Christian charts!
You can acquire it here.


Photography reflector tip #1

Wear a white/light grey t-shirt so if you need a reflector or a diffuser you can take it off and use that (if you’re a guy that is or just take it as a spare).
#photographyonabudget #beextraprepared

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Some amazing music

Drummer Dave Weckl and keyboardist Jay Oliver present “Higher Ground” from their 2014 release “Convergence.” The album, including play along versions with charts and videos, is exclusively available at:

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If post has taxonomy

I have spent ages trying to work out how to display the taxonomy for the photo stories post types. I couldn’t see how “the_term” would work because I wanted to display all the terms within the post has and “has_taxonomy” does not exit.

In fact you do use “has_term” and here’s how you do it!

Here’s what I found on the WordPress Taxonomy.

  if( has_term( 'jazz', 'genre' ) ) { // do something }  

“genre” is the taxonomy and “jazz” is a term within the taxonomy “genre”|. So in order:

  has_term( $term, $taxonomy, $post )  

Basically all you have to do is just leave the term blank. So as I have the same “single” page for posts and custom post types this is how I use it:

  if( has_term( '', 'genre' ) ) { // do something for example echo get_the_term_list($post->ID,'photostories_categories', ' ', ' ', '' ); } else if( has_category() ) { // do something else for example the_category() }  

Most popular photo in March

I’ve been sharing some of my photos on 500px for about 6 months and already I have over 22,000 views! I thought I’d be lucky if I got a few thousand in a year.
This photo managed to reach a pulse of 96.3!


Here’s the description I wrote:
I was thinking, with the Litter bin and the bag of rubbish, it seems to me like that bag could be full of the city’s negativity and bad emotions.
Cleaning up our city (which ever one it is) starts with all of us by loving each other and looking out for those in need and helping them. We can bridge the gap between someone who needs help and that very help. Often it’s just as simple a smile and concerning ourselves with other people’s problems not just our own.

Peace and blessings.

Feel good

Being confident in your body does not mean being comfortable wearing hardly any clothes in public!

Self Help?

If you know someone who’s depressed please resolve never to ask them why. Depression isn’t a straightforward response to a bad situation, depression just is, like the weather.

Try to understand the blackness, lethargy, hopelessness and loneliness they’re going through. Be there for them when they come through the other side. It’s hard to be a friend to someone who’s depressed, but it is one the kindest, noblest and best things you will ever do.

~ Stephen Fry

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Bike Ride

Just thought it would be cool to make a little video.
I’ve not been on my bike for a bit. Certainly not properly or regularly since I was ill. Before then, I was doing long rides and pushing my limits of speed and how high I could jump off stuff!
As I recover and start to do more, I’ll probably be cycling to get to places so I’m building up my fitness and stamina a bit, which will help my overall recovery too :)


“Don’t judge people. You never know what kind of battle they’re fighting.”
~ Autism Spectrum Disorder, through my eyes

Self Help?

God really doesn’t care what state you are in when you find him. He cares that you find him.

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Simplox WordPress Theme design idea

This is a design for a WordPress Theme I’m making. It’s a long way off finished (nearer started) but I thought I’d show the design.
It’s one of my favourite minimalist designs of mine so far.


Your future is influenced by your past but defined by your now.